Portable car jump starters power bank – Something everyone needs

Hey everyone welcome back to another Daily Driven Lifestyle article. Today i will go over different types of portable car jump starters since it is something everyone needs in their daily journey as commuters. You never know when your battery will not deliver enough juice to start your car and that is when you need it most. I myself live in Canada and in winter temperatures can be really hard on car batteries. The car batteries can withstand a lot but when it comes to cold starting a car in winter with freezing temperatures car batteries sometimes just doesn’t have enough juice so that is where the portable car jump starters comes into play.

Car batteries – what there is to know about them?

Your car batteries when brand new have what they call cold cranking amps (CCA) and what is that? Cold cranking amps is how much amperes your batteries will put out when starting your car but with wear and temperature changes your battery’s cold cranking amperes will diminish. Another thing to be aware of is that when temperatures gets colder and colder your engine will need more and more power to start.

With colder temperatures the motor oil thickens thus making it harder to turn. Hot and cold temperatures also affects your battery’s performance. Car batteries like every other batteries output their energy by chemical reaction when the temperatures are hot the chemical reaction is amplified and on the other hand when the temperatures are cold the opposite happens and the chemical reaction is less efficient therefore the car battery doesn’t put out as much energy as on a hot summer day.

Here is one solution to keep the battery in shape

Your car battery like every other things on your car needs maintenance if you are like me and not fortunate enough to have a garage this might be a little harder to do but if you have a garage just by doing this can help extend the life of your battery. You car has a charging system that keeps everything running but also keeps charging your battery while driving but when driving, your car needs energy to run every accessories on your car like radio, climate, defrost and engine management. Therefore your battery is being charged but gets energy taken away from your car. Using a car battery charger to slow charge your battery once in a while is a good way to extend the life of your battery. You don’t need to slow charge your car’s battery every day but at least doing it once or twice a year is a good way to keep your car’s battery in shape.

Portable car jump starters – Portable but bulky and heavy

There are 2 types of portable car jump starters. The first i will talk about is the old fashioned bulky and heavy jump starters. Car jump starterMost of them are made with only one function and that is to jumpstart your car when your car’s battery is running low on energy. They are portable but there is a downside to those jump starters. They are heavy and most people will bring them inside charge them and leave them in the car and forget about charging it back when you really need it most. The other thing that people tends to do with them is keep them in their garage on the charge and take it away when they need it but what if you go shopping and forget your car’s lights on or your car’s door is not close properly thus draining your car’s battery and leave you stranded waiting for a tow truck or someone to give you a boost. Although they do a very good job at jump starting your car they are portable but not easily portable since they are heavy. It all depends on how you are expecting to use it tp each their preferences.

Portable car jump starters power bank – The same function with added features in a smaller package

Car jump starter power bankWith the evolution of technologies more and more stuff comes in smaller package with the same exact functions as old technologies and some with added features. Nowadays those new car jump starters they can fit in the palm of your hands. If you are familiar with portable phone chargers they are the same size but can boost you car if your car’s battery is out of power for whatever reason. Some of those new portable car jump starters power bank can also be used as a portable power bank to change your phone if needed. The only downside to those smaller devices is that they have a little less power than the old bulky ones but they will still do a very good job at jump starting your car. Just be careful when shopping for those device make sure to look at the amount of amps they will output when in jump start mode. Smaller the engine smaller the amps needed. Often choosing a device that has more amps than needed will be better since you won’t be asking yourself if it will be able to start your car or not. Bigger engine and Diesel engines needs more amps to start so if you are shopping for one of the and you have a big engine or diesel shop for a device that outputs a lots of amps.

Now let’s wrap this up

Keeping your car running at all times is what we all need. Simple things can make a huge difference even though we might not use some stuff to help us often but having it handy is a must. Car battery chargers are always a good thing to help extend the life of your car’s battery although not always possible to use depending if you have the space to use it. Car jump starters are devices that is helpful to have handy in case your car doesn’t start but they are big bulky and heavy. The mini versions of those combines the jump starters functionality as well as power bank that can also charge your other devices like phones or tablets in case you need extra battery life. Choose the appropriate amps output car jump starter power bank that will have enough power to jump start your car. Charge them bring them with you and you’re all set in case you need it. Eventually i will have links to these products that you might be interested in. I’m hoping this article has helped you if you have any questions comment down below and i’ll do the best I can to answer all your questions.



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