Detailing and car cleaning – Simple things that keeps your car looking like new and keeping more value

Hey everyone today on Daily Driven Lifestyle we will talk about cleaning, detailing and the different products that can be used so your car will keep that shiny new car look and also keeping the value of your car up. When we live the Daily Driven Lifestyle we always want our cars to look just like a brand new car. For most car enthusiasts the cars are an extension of their personality so having a car that looks good is something very important. We will talk about the type of products to use in certain situations. You can do it yourself or there is some stuff that has to be done by professionals that will give a long-lasting shine. From the get go i would like to say that not every product we will talk about will be appealing to everyone. Everybody has their preference when it comes to products and brand name so it’s all subjective.

Car wash with wax are they any good?

Any parts store and on amazon if you do a little research, you will find a lot of car detailing products and cleaning supplies.  One of them is car wash soaps with wax and there is a load of them on the market are they good? Yes and no, like i said it’s all subjective to everyone, some might like them some might not. One thing i can say is some products do a better job at cleaning your car and as far as waxing the car it’s a different story. In my opinion there is nothing better than using a paint sealant and doing a wax on a car, most wash and wax soaps have a waxing agent whether its carnuba wax or polymer agents being added to the soaps that acts like a wax.

The waxing agents in those soaps makes a hydrophobic barrier to your paint so the water won’t stay on the car but does it last? Most of the time no, it acts more like a drying agent so it is easier to dry after washing the car. If you are looking to get a more lasting shine you will need a spray on quick wax or a liquid wax application.

If you want a longer lasting shine you will need a ceramic coat that needs to be applied by professionals because it needs to have your paint to be decontaminated and polished before the application of the products and if not applied properly it can damage the paint on your car so if you want to go that route if has to be done by professionals.

Spray on quick wax VS conventional liquid wax which one is better?

The debate of the spray and wipe quick wax vs the real conventional liquid wax. Now again i will still say it is subjective not everyone likes the same products it all depend on what you are basically looking for. If you are looking for a quick shine that you can do yourself very quick after washing and drying your car that will protect your paint between washes, spray on quick waxes might be your best bet. Depending on the size of your car those quick waxes can be done in about 15-20 minutes and will last a couple of weeks in between washes.

If you are looking for a longer lasting shine you might want to look at the conventional liquid wax. Liquid wax on the other hand take a little more time and require more effort and a little more caution. In fact those wax require to not be applied in direct sunlight. Failing at doing this may result in damage to your paint. Other than that application is pretty straight forward all you need to do is apply on one car panel at a time, apply to a haze on the particular panel and then buff the haze with a clean smooth microfiber cloth till you get a mirror shine finish and repeat the same process on each panel of your car. Liquid wax mostly last around 6 months. The wax will act as a water repellent and protect your paint for about 6 months depending on which wax you will be using.

Nano coating ceramic coat

Ceramic coat is for those that want to protect their paint even more but that does come at a cost. This particular treatment has to be done by professional because of the complexity of the task and also the risks of those coatings. Those coating requires a large amount of work. The paint needs to be decontaminated and polished so that all oil contaminant and little scratches are eliminated from the paint.

Those ceramic coats when applied properly give a long-lasting shine but it is very important that this particular coating be applied by professionals. It can really damage your paint if not done properly so i would suggest if you are looking into this kind of coatings i would suggest you go see professionals and ask questions on the benefits and danger regarding ceramic coatings.

Paint sealants best used with wax?

The final product i will talk about today are paint sealant. Those are very long-lasting and they don’t need extreme preparation unlike ceramic coatings and if you want the best results you can use them with wax. The paint sealant will act as a water repellent and protection and the wax will give a shiny gloss.

With paint sealant it is recommended to not use in direct sunlight although some people still use it in direct sunlight, the reason is because those paint sealant can be applied on a wet surface rinced and wiped off. Like the wax you need to do one panel at a time and if you want the best results you can top it with a carnuba wax for a gloss finish. Very important when using a paint sealant to use a wax free car wash soap in order for the paint sealant to stick to the paint.

Keeping your car looking like new help your car keeping more value

Now with that being said it take a little effort and your time but that is all worth it. First your car will keep that new car look and it will also help keep the value of your vehicle. A car looking like new tends to keep more value when it comes time to trade in your car for another one. Most importantly there is no better feeling for car enthusiasts to drive in a clean car!

I hope this has helped you on the car detailing products and car cleaning supplies for the exterior of your ride. If you have any questions concerning the car detailing products and car cleaning supplies comment down below!




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4 thoughts on “Detailing and car cleaning – Simple things that keeps your car looking like new and keeping more value

  1. Kyle Ann Percival Reply

    Hi Yanick!

    Thanks for the detailed article about different finishes to keep a car looking like new. I drive a 2004 Chevy with nearly 200,00 miles and am very proud of how it looks after all this time.

    Some of these finishes I was not familiar with, especially the ones that you recommend be applied by professionals. But the liquid waxes I have used in the past. I also have used a paste wax product, and wonder how you feel about those since they weren’t mentioned. Would you not recommend a paste wax, and if so why not?

    I appreciate the information, and look forward to seeing more tips from you about how to keep my car in it’s best condition possible.

    Thanks again,

    Kyle Ann

    • Yanick Post authorReply

      yes in fact I didn’t mentioned them not because they aren’t good they do as good of a job as regular liquid waxes they are simply just a bit harder to apply and remove other than that there is good paste waxes on the market that does a really good job. As far the ceramic coats that I mentioned the reason why I recommend for that product to be applied by professional is that ceramic coat when drying it become like a hard shell and any imperfections will be hard to remove and may also damage if not applied properly besides it needs a lot of preparation before the application so it’s strongly recommended that this job be done by professionals to eliminate any risks.

  2. Brian Reply

    Detailing and car cleaning is one of my downfalls, but is something I really want to keep up on and especially when it comes time to get another car. I usually wait so long to get my car washed, but I had always wondered which kind of wax is best, the spray on kind or the conventional liquid wax. I definitely prefer the longer lasting shine so I will certainly try conventional liquid wax in the future. How long have you personally seen conventional liquid wax last?

    • Yanick Post authorReply

      liquid wax are harder to apply but they mostly last about six months so they are twice a year application. The spray on quick waxes are very easy to apply but you have to apply it way more often I would say the spray on quick waxes are pretty much monthly application. If you want longer lasting shine the liquid wax is you best choice since they are twice a year and last about six months. 


      Founder of Daily Driven Lifestyle 

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