Custom made car floor mats – the ultimate protection for your factory car carpet

Hey everyone welcome back to another interesting Daily Driven Lifestyle article this time i will go over your factory car carpets protection. Your car has a factory carpet covering the floor of your ride so the metal is protected from the scratches but those are just not enough. They are different kinds and brands of floor mats to protect your car’s floor on the market and i will go over them and talk of the pros and cons of each of those kinds, which ones protects more and which one will prevent water from staying on your car’s floor and making it rust.

The factory carpets – are they enough protection?

From the get go my answer to that question is no they are not enough. I myself live in Canada and here we have all kinds of different weather conditions and i don’t always have the time to vacuum my car or it’ is not always possible for me to clean it especially in winter and i know that some car’s carpets are harder to clean than others. Some are keeping dust and sand trapped in them and are really a pain to clean. Also in winter you always bring snow inside the car and when that snow melts all that water stays all winter long freezing and melting all winter long which keeps humidity on your car’s floor and perhaps that is not a good thing. Another thing you bring in your car in winter is calcium and that is not good at all that will most likely help your car’s floor to rust and that is something no car owner wants

What not to do? – Some common mistakes people do

As a car washer i see a lot of things people do, they most likely think they are doing it right and protecting their cars but in fact they make it worst and i will go over those mistakes that people does and that should never be done. One of the most common mistakes i see people do in an effort to protect their car’s carpets it is by putting several newspapers sheets underneath their carpets and what doing that does is that it is keeping the humidity in between the floor and the carpets thus accelerating the process of rust. Another common mistake i see is using home carpets in between the floor and the car’s factory carpets and the principal is the same. Since home carpets has no rubber underneath and are only made in fabrics that keep the humidity level very high thus giving more chance to get the floor to rust.

Universal floor mats – what about them?

Universal car floor matUniversal floor mats are a good place to start if you want an extra protection. They are mostly very affordable and they do the trick if you are on a budget. Most of those are made of rubber and they do a good job at protecting your floor from sand, mud, dust, water and calcium. The fact that they are made of rubber blocks all that from going on your car’s floor and they fit every cars but the downside from those floor mats is that they are not an exact fit. They may fit your car but they do not cover the entirety of your driver and passengers foot wells and thus letting a bit of water and dust getting on your car’s carpets. The universal floor mats are an affordable way to protect your car without breaking the bank but there is another option available on the market and that option is the custom made laser cut car floor mats.

Custom made car floor mats – the protection you want for your ride

The last option i will talk about in this article is the custom made car floor mats, some companies like weathertech and Weathertech floor mathusky liner has on the market some of the best floor mats on the market today. They are an exact fit for your car and they are specifically made to fit your car’s floor. Compagnies like weathertech and husky liner has their floor mats raised up on the sides so they contain water and sand inside and keeping your carpets dry and clean as those are made of rubber to contain water.  They are very easy to clean and maintain and in my opinion if your want good protection against humidity and dust those are the one to go floor. . On the other hand they are a bit more expensive but very well worth the money.

Let’s wrap this up

They are a lot of options as far as floor protection goes. Universal floor mats does the job just fine if you are on a budget and it is far more better than newspaper sheets or house carpets which doesn’t really help but does the opposite and makes it worst. Thoses are things to remember to never ever do if you are looking for more protection. Now if you want more protection for your car’s floor and have the budget for it i suggest you go for those custom made car floor mats from brands like weathertech or husky liner they are rugged easy to clean and maintain and offer the best protection for your car’s floor to prevent humidity and the floor to rust from the inside. There you have it if have any questions make sure to comment down below and i will answer your questions.



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2 thoughts on “Custom made car floor mats – the ultimate protection for your factory car carpet

  1. John Reply

    Hi! Great article! I have weathertech and I love my floor mats. I can take them out, hose them off, scrub them, whatever. Put them back in and my truck remains good as new!

    Great advice!

  2. Erick Darke Reply

    Very informative post about custom car floor mats .I was aware about other passengers tracking and trapping snow and ice in the car even though you may have a rubber mat . Ypu may want to leave a link for the custom car mats if you have any .Great post by the way

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