Automotive LED bulb – Night driving a first step into your Daily Driven Lifestyle

Hey everyone today on Daily Driven Lifestyle we will talk about automotive LED bulbs. As a first step in your Daily Driven Lifestyle automotive headlights are a big part of your safety and LED headlight bulbs technology won’t break your wallet they will make your car look better and also avoid night driving fatigue. This technology keep evolving each and every year and keep getting better and better, they are very easy to install they’re also legal in most area in canada and united states. In this post we will talk about what the Automotive LED Bulbs are and what they can do to your car also we will go around to what is the cost on getting those for your car.

LED bulbs what are they?

The automotive LED bulbs are Light Emitting Diode they are gaining in popularity more and more because of the light outputAutomotive Headlights coming from these and the ease of installation. They lights up faster and also emits more light than conventionnal halogen lights. Since they take less current than conventionnal halogen bulbs, they work using a small driver that can be easily tucked in your headlights housing if you have projector headlights. They transform current from your vehicule to the LED Bulbs.

They are very energy efficient and enhance your visibily there by increasing night driving security by decreasing night driving vision fatigue. LED lights up lightning fast no need to wait a minute for them to get to working temperature like HID’s. Most led bulbs emits a bright white light with a blueish tint. They are very effective in every condition when you have the right LED bulbs for your car and installed properly and they last for a very long time.

Will they fit my car?

The answer is yes! Automotive LED bulbs are made for all cars made model and year. They use the same part number as Led Headlightconventionnal halogen bulbs installed on your car. They are plug and play no need to add extra wiring onto your car battery. You put them in your headlights housing you plug them in and enjoy the extra light coming your newly installed led Bulbs. The tiny drivers makes it easy to put them on yourself since there is no need to add extra wiring and ballasts like HID bulbs. Be careful even tho they are using the same part number some led kit will do a good job on your car and some won’t, look at reviews and look up videos of those kit online before buying it will give you a better idea of the product you are looking into buying.

LED headlight Bulbs are they street legal?

For that question you must refer to you local road laws. In canada you must refer to your provinvial road laws and in the United Headlight ReflectionStates you must refer to your local state road laws. In most place for them to be legal at night you need to be able to see objects ahead of you between 50-100 meters and they need to be white or yellowish like the halogens bulbs. They are legal in most area.

When shopping for these you need to get those that creates less glare, glare can blind other people and you don’t want that. Choose those that has good reviews on them also take your time to shop for the ones that has a more centered focused beam you want that light focused down the road this is what will make your daily driving at night more enjoyable.

What is the cost to put those on?

It depends where you shop for Led Bulbs on amazon you can have some good quality LED bulbs for fairly cheap. Be careful  a lot advertise ridiculus amount of lighting and don’t deliver. If you see LED headlight bulbs convertion kit that advertise over 12000-15000 lumens mostly creates a lot of glare and they simply don’t deliver a clean focused light beam or they simply don’t deliver on the amount of lumens advertised. The price on those can average between 20$ up to 200$ and price doesn’t always mean quality keep that in mind.

Automotive LED bulbs to sum it all up

LED’s are getting better and better they keep evolving as the years go by, they output more light from a small package they are very easy to install they look better, make you see better, decrease your night driving fatigue. Those bulbs are an upgrade to the yellowish halogen headlight bulbs since they output less lights than LED’s. Don’t forget take your time when you shop for a set of those you want a kit that fit your car perfectly and that does not create glare for other drivers you come across. A nice clean focused light beam i want you need to go for there is plenty of automove LED bulbs on the market some are good some are crap don’t be afraid to read reviews on them and look at reviews online also if you find a video of a car like yours using leds it will give you a better idea of what it is like to drive with those installed on your car.

I hope this post will help you make a good choice for your car and your Daily Driven Lifestyle! Comment down below if you have any question concerning automotive LED bulbs.




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6 thoughts on “Automotive LED bulb – Night driving a first step into your Daily Driven Lifestyle

  1. Brian Reply

    I’ve been seeing a lot more cars on the road in my area lately with LED bulbs and in my opinion they seem a lot better than the halogen light bulbs. Your article has really opened my eyes to the benefits of LED headlights in cars, but like you said, I need to do my due diligence and read reviews as I don’t want to get any crappy ones. What’s your personal experience with LED bulbs for vehicles?

    • Yanick Post authorReply

      my personal experience wasn’t that great the first time I bought a led headlight kit I bought the first kit I saw on the internet I watched the advertisement and the looked pretty good but I got ripped off on those ones I didn’t watched the review at all. But on the other hand I know people who bought some from amazon and are very satisfied with them but the things is i’m very picky of some stuff so something that didn’t work for me can work for other. Besides if i would have read and watched more reviews I would have known but maybe one day i’ll find something that suits me

  2. Chris Reply

    I can certainly see the benefits of fitting these automotive LED bulbs to your car – from a safety point of view more than anything else. If these newer types of bulbs really do give off more glare and eliminate night driving vision fatigue then they are probably well worth the money. 

    On the subject of money – do they cost a lot more than the traditional version of car lights?

    • Yanick Post authorReply

      compared to regular incandescent bulbs yes they are more expensive you can find cheap ones that will do a great job and other that are complete junk that is the only downside of the led bulbs it’s hard to pick a good one the only way to know if they are good or not is to look for video reviews on the bulbs you are looking for to give you a better idea of how they perform. If you want better lighting than incandescent there is always the HID’s they do a really good job too if you have projector headlights

  3. Mary Reply

    These might be ideal for me, I avoid a lot of night driving because of the strain on my eyes. Once my eyes feel strain I become very tired. It has been an ongoing issue for me. I drive a big Dodge Ram truck, which sits higher, what lumens would you recommend so I don’t blind oncoming traffic? I find some headlights coming towards me really harsh and would not want to do that to other drivers.

    You mention centre focus point, which I understand why, but I like to have good visual on the shoulder of the road. Does  the focus of the beam go wide or narrow? And when using you high beams, how much brighter is the LED, or is it just a change of the position of the beam?


    • Yanick Post authorReply

      as far as the focus point i mentioned it because some led bulbs doesn’t have a good focus point and sends light in every direction which is not good. Watching reviews is a good way to know which one has a good focus point. As far as lumens i would say between 4000-6000 lumens per bulbs is good if you see kits advertising 20000-30000 lumens they are most likely to send light in every direction thus not illuminate the road properly and blind other drivers. And for the high beams if you have one bulb doing the low and high beam it works pretty much the same as the incandescent 2 filament at different positions to switch the focal point if you have one bulb for low beam and one for the high beam the difference is you car’s reflector but the intensity is not likely to be more than the low beam it only focus a different way. If you have 2 bulbs I suggest you keep the incandescent high beam since it is most likely to output the light further than the led. I hope that helped you a little.


      Founder of Daily Driven Lifestyle 

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